Thursday, April 11, 2013

STYLE: this is what i was born to do (april 11, 2013)

this is what i was born to do
(modelling... ha! ;) + ELEGANT setting on my cam with filters)
april 11, 2013... thursday...
black sleeves (zara)
moss green pants (paddocks)
red mid-cuts (nike brazen 6.0)
blue and white striped belt (msense)
red strap antique watch (korean)
assorted  bracelets (sm, rob)

i will do what i was born to do... PART TIME for NOW! FULL TIME in the FUTURE...

P.S. katas ng tuli c/o F. naujan...

lunch c/o ma esto!

hay naku! kaya pala mainit! harhar 

omy! this is it!

this is me... in the FUTURE! watch me! ;)

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