Sunday, April 28, 2013

STYLE: Carwash anyone? (april 28, 2013)

Carwash anyone?
(someone said to one while washing my car a.k.a. ZEXY ANNE: why not bring it to the car wash place? 
i said to myself: why would i do that when i can do this?! SEE THE PHOTOSHOOT! haha)
april 28, 2013... sunday...
cambray sleeves (armani jeans)
printed shorts (vintage)
gray flannel sleeves (street jeans)
blue and yellow checkered slip-ons (vans)
leopard printed oversized shades (korean)
assorted bracelets (gift, thrifted)


got this from viktor frisk

but don't you think, its better to have them all?! ;)
so better take good care of yourself...
both INSIDE and OUT! ;)

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