Friday, May 31, 2013

STYLE: ORANGE you glad? + mataharhar V.3 mini FDS (may 31, 2013)

ORANGE you glad? 
+ mataharhar V.3 mini FDS
may 31, 2013... friday...
PC's B.pad!
orange polo shirt (NNC limited)
blue jeans (banana republic)
black moto jacket (penshoppe)
gray and orange hi-cuts (nike)
gold vintage watch (casio)
assorted bracelets (sm, thrifted, greenberriesshop on IG)

thanks kuya jun for trimming off my photoshoot area a.k.a. backyard!

here's whats happened during the rest of the day AND NIGHT!
first stop some tuna sandwich brekky c/o mami ces! :)

then nurse duday brought in some monay and reno... 

waiting for our lunch! 

then continuation at Nurse Jabeth's
hello athena! 

cute little angels
steph and lala 

meryenda muna pag may time! 

tita beth, ate hilda, jabeth 

flores de mayo 

hello steph and lala 

dual shot! love!

then we heard a loud bang!
motorcycles hit each other just outside!
so the "medical team on duty" get in on the commotion! 

at dahil month ngayon ng MAY!
harhar! ITS FREE!  

disco lights! 

thanks tita beth austria for these!
your so thoughtful! 

plus sheena and "LOL - lalaking mahilig lumandi" incident...
(updated april 24, 2014... haha... nag TBT kase!)
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