Wednesday, March 13, 2013

STYLE: life is a never ending race (mar 13, 2013)

life is a never ending race
TURBY died today...
Papal Conclave starting in search for the new Pope...
march 13, 2013... wednesday...
PC's B.pad!
racer polo (wrangler)
blue jeans (penshoppe)
red/white/navy boat shoes (prince)
red and white striped sleeves (refill)
heart stamp watch (S.T.A.M.P.S.)
skull, cross, and eye bead bracelets (

my salute to TURBY!

life's a race...
and it depends on you how to run it...

tikoy from tita budjie yap... from chinese new year... ngayon lang nakain... yum!

new junk! from harharvester!
from mommy cecille! ;)

ang mag-ina! BOW!
midwife senen at nurse grace... ;)

thanks manYAN! abswelto ka na!
wala ka nang make-up, harhar ;)

multiple drug therapy for our leprosy patients...

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