Monday, March 18, 2013

MCDO national breakfast day and carla's brother's graduation on a monday (mar 18, 2013)

mar 18, 2013... monday...

to reiterate that brekky is the most important meal of the day! ;)
happening simultaneously in mcdo stores in the middle east, asia, pacific, africa...

here's my fave set from mcdo... 
(pic from archive)

here's my brekky for today!

tortilla chips...

hotdog and cheese...

voila! with coffee and chicken nugget and kikiam... yum! ;)
hooray for today!

arm candy for today...
nautica watch, 
brown leather bracelet and mini skull bangle (thrifted) 


pasalubong from med tech JC... 

 updated arm party!

still from jacy...
sorry di ko na kayang kainin...
share nalang sa midwives... THANKS daw! ;)

box office ang family planning today!

at Carla Mae's...

"ay may nakalimutan pala akong ilabas, heto oh" -carla mae

"heto pa pala" -carla mae

yung totoo, carla mae... ayaw mo ba kameng pakainin... harhar ;)

pics from Shena! ;)

luigi... may gusto ka bang ipahiwatig? ika nga ni Shena, harhar ;)

box office ang theme for today!
hope you guys have a great day!
i know i did! ;)

with like from valentina serra (stylist from vogue italia)

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