Monday, October 24, 2011

happy fiesta santa cruz & bancuro on a monday (oct 24, 2011)

oct 24, 2011... monday...
barangay fiesta at barangay santa cruz and barangay bancuro...

 brown sleeves & pants (municipal uniform), brown leather briefcase (angelo dominico), brown/black/white boat shoes (prince), black stainless steel LED watch (kenneth cole)

lots (TONS) of patients today as always...
my AM snack SPAGHETTI galore!
on left (bought) which i got to eat at past 12 noon already...
 on right in tupperware (from tita lina - midwife) which i gave away due to fullness, hehe = )

mga mamimiyesta! 2nd batch! = )

barangay sta cruz! c/o aling tacing BHW president!

eat and run!
en route to bancuro via kalinisan!

 flooded ways due to heavy rains from earlier in the morning!

bancuro c/o tita tess (midwife)

cute dog! afraid of firecrackers! just like my dog, turby!

i'm so full, hence my plate! hehe = )

stopped by at SIMBAHANG BATO!

back at MHO!
wala magawa! 
sumayaw nalang tayo, hehe = )

ang mga "batang" magana! enthusiastic! = )

so exhausted and stomach-filled!
tomorrow: fiesta at barcenaga and bayani!
free lunch again! hehe = )


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