Thursday, October 20, 2011

Botika ng Barangay inspection on a thursday (oct 20, 2011)

oct 20, 2011... thursday...
Botika ng Barangay inspection...
with tita emma (BNB coordinator), ate nona & ate lisa from PHO and kuya nonoy (our driver)...

yellow shirt (vintage), white polo shirt with blue designs (vintage), black jeans (baleno), black rubber shoes with orange details (adidas), silver multicolored LED watch (korean), silver gecko ring (vintage), silver aviator (rayban)

start at santa isabel!

contraband! hehe = )

another contraband! = )

tita edna... midwife...


giving of license to operate!

pinagsabangan 1!

pinagsabangan 1!

san carlos!

pinagsabangan 2!

at barangay hall of Del Pilar for LUNCH!

tita enol... midwife...


foundation day at mulawin!

bemonc at aurora! almost completely done!

back to base!
dance practice for employees day...

finally uukan and banana chips from nurse AVY!
thank you!
uukan! i missed you!
FIND THE DOG in this pic!

DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! practice for MHO staff tomorrow!
better get my groove on!


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