Tuesday, October 25, 2011

fiesta galore at barangay barcenaga and bayani on a tuesday (oct 25, 2011)

oct 25, 2011... tuesday...
barangay barcenaga and bayani fiesta...
5 house in a row! and 5 pounds in an instant! hehe = )

downward gaze...
 green striped polo (mint), brown pants (paddock's), brown leather loafers (manels), silver watch (jj's), lion head ring (vintage), black squared wayfarer (korean)

a very sunny morning!

a house decorated for halloween... this made my morning! = )

off to barcenaga for lunch!

1. tita tess' sister's house

si balitat! = )

ang mag balae, finally got it right! hehe = )

2. tita medy's (midwife) house

bday cake! my favorite! = )

3. vice mayor dein and ate vem's house... look at dana! = )

ate vem, bagay ka sa MHO family! lipat ka na! please! hehe = )

4. mayor angie's house!

off to barangay Bayani!

5. tita teddy's (Midwife) house

may take-out pa!

back at homebase

neighbor's pup (white) found a new playmate!

thanks to the people who invited us in to their homes...
i blame you though for the added pounds... hehe, = )
'till next year!

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