Friday, June 21, 2013

Windy and Black on a friday (june 21, 2013)

june 21, 2013... friday...
super windy weather... black outfit for friday...

 black sleeves (zara), khaki pants (paddocks), camel lace ups (milanos), brown leather belt (calvin klein)

arm party
calcu watch (casio), assorted bracelets (korean, sm,

from tita siony! 

from liit! 

YOMI in the house yo! 

wahaha! guess who?! 

game 7 NBA finals!
spurs (ardys) vs heat (nestor)!
heat won!
nagpasoftdrinks si ardys!

kamote from tita locring! 

ginisang kamote with malunggay and talbos ng kamote c/o ate sally

yes! paalis na si fabian! 

thanks marjohn!
mag business ka na! ako ang mag propromote/adverstise! :)

vev and yomi!
vev is tita lorna's dog! 

sana maganda panahon tomorrow!


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