Monday, June 3, 2013

meet GWIYOMI a.k.a. YOMI! + new uniform on a monday (june 3, 2013)

june 3, 2013... monday...
first day of school... new uniform at the municipality...
PLUS my new PUP! GWIYOMI aka YOMI! from tita myla! :)

hello mga flight attendant... san ang flight?! harhar 

my S4's new aztec printed outfit... thanks lourene for buying...
and my old LV for iphone4... e di kayo na ang fashion! 

tita tess! edi ikaw na! 

meet GWIYOMI! aka YOMI! 

YOMI's bro and sis! 

i can't wait to take you home!
dyan ka muna sa dog mommy mo!
dede dede muna habang may time...
bili muna ako cage at dog food mo! :)


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