Wednesday, May 29, 2013

STYLE: give me a ring, will yah? (may 29, 2013)

give me a ring, will yah?
PC's B.pad! 
may 29, 2013... wednesday...
green striped sleeves (H&M)
navy pants (paddock's)
yellow woven belt (sm)
yellow sneaks (nike)
silver watch (rado)
assorted bracelets (sm, korean, thrifted)
phone (samsung galaxy S4)

call me! maybe?!

midyear bonus! finally!

saging c/o tita enol

ang pakwan! bow!
40 at first!
then tawad! 
3 for 100!

test first bago magbayad... ika nga ni tita enol! 

malabnak! ika nga ni tita ems! 

ang dating magtitinda ng pakwan!
si allan jayson!
anong pitik mo?!

what's happening?!

LUNCH! LUNCH! din pag may time!

eating! more fun in the Philippines! 

Meryenda! pano ba tayo papayat nyan?!

late post!
masakit ba paa mo GIV?! 

"I still have lots of things to do!" -tita enol

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