Sunday, August 19, 2012

InterBarangay Basketball League 2012 day 3 on a sunday (au

aug 12, 2012...
InterBarangay Basketball League 2012 day 3

 light blue striped sleeves (vintage), brown jeans (paddock's), red and white slip-ons (GBX), gold chrono watch (guess)

pasalubong from kuya RP...
thanks =)

back to the ballgame


jeff jagoni is everywhere...
felt like playing where's waldo...

papot... ang haba naman... ng buhok mo! hehe ;)

eboy... huwag!

 melon pearl shake

sheena! mag hunos dili ka para kay celada!

capati arm grabbed by sara aka snoop dogg


lourene and crishelle "medic-ing" capati

manicure, pedicure, nail art

i love this game!


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