Monday, January 17, 2011

shukran katir on a monday (jan 17, 2011)

jan 17, 2011... monday...
its a very cold and windy monday...
finally got my paycheck for december and its a big fat one... because its one month in full payment...

black tux sleeves with white detail (refill), white sailor inspired jacket (vintage), blue jeans (calvin klein)
 my shout for my first salary as AMHO... to my beloved and fellow MHO staff... enjoy ang pa-CANTON, minsan lang yan... hehe, = )

 tita teddy, dra jean, tita ellen, tita flor, tita lucy, tita edna, tita tess, tita leony

tita teddy, dra jean, tita lina, tita lucy, tita edna

 tita linda, tita edna

 ate raissa, tita mel, tita ellen, tita lucy

 tita myla, tita leony

 tita teddy, tita lina

 tita teddy, tita tess, tita lina

 dra nel, tita flor, ate tala

 leah, loureen, doc judan, nowee

 our newest addition... aisa, rey, mateth

 tita linda, tita edna, dra jean

(we're having arabic lessons c/o tita leony)
Shukran katir = thank you very much... Afwan = welcome... 

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