Friday, August 15, 2014

IYCF community mobilization at Barcenaga day 4 (last day) on a friday (aug 15, 2014)

aug 15, 2014... friday...
IYCF community mobilization at Barcenaga day 4 (last day)...

yellow IEC polo shirt (limited), moss green pants (paddocks). white sneaks (fila)

arm party
green rubber strap watch (tomato), assorted bracelets (thrifted) 

Presentation of action plan...
c/o IYCF support group focal person...
kon dilbert doroga... 

post test! 

exchange paper... 

ang mga first honors... triple tie... 26... 

at least lahat nag improve... :D

awarding of certificates... 

Delbert Doroga - Barangay Councilor on Health 

Eufemia Lumanglas -  Barangay Councilor/Women’s group leader

Ester Gloria - BHW leader/CHT leader 

Lina Andal - BNS/CHT member 

Victoria Gina -  BHW /CHT member

Floserfida Gupit -  BHW /CHT member

Marilyn Magracia -  BHW /CHT member

Jovita Amboy -  BHW /CHT member

Victoria Vivas -  BHW /CHT member

Marebic Garcia -  BHW /CHT member

Laura Cantos -  BHW /CHT member

Josephine Rayos -  BHW /CHT member

Consuelo Eguiron -  BHW /CHT member

Mizeiel Cantos -  BHW /CHT member

Resciel Brucal -  BHW /CHT member

Benilda Mendoza -  BHW

Rufina Geremia -  BHW

Bernadette Balbacal -  IYCF Volunteer

Shirley Evora -  IYCF Volunteer

Jolly Jean Dalisay -  IYCF Volunteer

Armie Villena -  Rural Health Midwife

Cecilia Orfrecio -  RHMPP

Emma Bolor - Rural Health Nurse

Jonabeth Alulod - NDP - EPRN 

kapitan had an emergency... hindi na napic... 

camote cue 

IYCF community mobilization for Barangay Barcenaga... DONE and DONE!
training coming to barangays near you!
thanks NNC mimaropa for sponsoring...
off to Bacungan for blood letting activities feat Philhealth Profiling...

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