Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Philhealth profiling at Tagumpay on a wednesday (july 9, 2014)

july 9, 2014... wednesday...
Philhealth profiling at Tagumpay...

purple geo printed polo (sahara), mustard colored pants (eMale), red/white/black rain boots (supra)

arm party
silver watch (jjs), assorted bracelets (sm, thrifted) 

si konsehala dora ilao... ang uber energetic and always ready konsehala on health! 

pa PUTO! 

lunch! fresh fish and veggies! yum!

i forgot to take pic of the tinolang manok!

after lunch! back to work!

i like your highlights kuya!

jabeth ano yang green... un pang bowling doc... lols hnd... batuta yan lols :D


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