Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Minor OR at Mercado on a tuesday (april 1, 2014)

april 1, 2014... tuesday...
Minor OR at Mercado...
sebaceous cyst excision, lower back, at Daniel Mercado Memorial Center, c/o Dr. Ted Cabiscuelas... thanks tito :)

 baroque floral printed polo (vintage), rust colored chinos (bench), brown leather belt (calvin klein), brown leather chucks (converse)

arm party
micker watch (disney), assorted bracelets (thrifted, gift)

tito gwapo ka na... mana ka sakin eh! lols :) 

used to be that i'm using this... but now, it will be used on me... 


OR done! 

SM lipa 

dami lutuin! lols :) 


its time to recuperate...
ouch! ang arte! haha :)

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