Wednesday, October 30, 2013

lots of everything today on a wednesday (oct 30, 2013)

oct 30, 2013... wednesday...
lots of everything today...

black sleeves (zara), brown pants (paddocks), brown shoes (manels)

arm party
pink pony pin (ralph lauren), black strap watch (korean), pink turtle bracelet (korean) 

lunch from MJ from Estrella... 

princes margaux and mataharhar in the house... 



project tita armie! 
BHW gulayan contest!

lets try! 70 php per bottle... mango ketchup! 

fruit salad! 

hawaian rose daw to? malaysian mumps nman to eh! 

hayan na, kabado na si jayson... aruy binata na lol :) 

Halloween party tomorrow!


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