Thursday, February 21, 2013

STYLE: blue and gloomy... red and happy... on a thursday (feb 21, 2013)

blue and gloomy... red and happy...
feb 21, 2013... thursday...
birthdate of my sister...
gloomy and rainy weather...
footlong brekky c/o doc jude...
philhealth capitation for first Q of 2012... yes! finally! ;)
TIKOY from tita budjie... DepEd nurse...

light blue stripes sleeves (j.crew), red denim jacket (f&h), navy pants (paddocks), brown belt (f&h), black and white sneaks (signor)

arm candy
Hugo Boss watch, assorted bracelets (sm, thrifted)

thanks tita budjie yap...

medtech jacy and her staining!

 kayo na ang tropang genius! harhar ;)


happy bday to my sister today! ;)
not the kangaroos!
harhar ;)

thanks bed weather!
thanks doc jude!
thanks tita budjie!
thanks philhealth!
thanks patients!
i need to SAVE UP!

sheena magboo gonzalvo kapitana ng curva haha

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