Tuesday, June 5, 2012

blood letting at Aurora & stop-over at Doc Jake's on a wednesday (may 30, 2012)

may 30, 2012... wednesday...

light green sleeves (royal blue), faded jeans (MINT), brown canvass belt (eddie bauer), red & white slip-ons (GBX), gold watch (axn)

with doc jojo...

tita lanie... midwife of aurora...

mami time!

this girl said, i looked like the guys from pocket book covers... hehe = )

at Doc Jake's house in Calapan

his aquarium coffee table

love his ref magnets souvenirs as a cruise ship MD

went to a wake as well... condolences... kuya marlon's father-in-law

what a day!
God Speed Doc Jake! = )


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