Tuesday, May 15, 2012

HAPPY FIESTA! on my first day at MHO main on a tuesday (may 15, 2012)

may 15, 2012... tuesday...

barong and pants (municipal uniform), brown and green boat shoes (prince)

meet my new MHO pet: JUMPY!

since i'm doing check-ups at an aircon room now! its time to use my coat!

off to BACUNGAN fiesta!
c/o michael's van!

first stop: ate tala's

jelly churva! hehe = )

second stop: miriam's (previous MHO casual)

third stop: tita josie's 

after office hours: tita lucy's at SAN ISIDRO
c/o tito jimmy's jeep 

chardonnay from tita lucy, for mini bora trip!

got this following funny pics from MHO laptop...
inosenteng inosente

so much food and so much fun!
good first day back at MHO


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