Saturday, February 18, 2012

RN HEALS v.2 despedida party on a red friday (feb 17, 2012)

feb 17, 2012... friday...
despedida party of RN HEALS v.2
Kem Bolor
Geraldine Tolentino
Jewelleen Albufuera
Jenny Caringal

red and white polo shirt (young image), gray pants (bossini), brown/black/white boat shoes (prince), black long strap watch (swatch), lenses (christian dior)

red day!

nice one JC! good job! = )

thanks nurse janine for the chocs!

tita enol! RED!

meeting that goes on and on and on SLOWLY!

gutom na ang mangyan!

ATTACK! ang dami nyo nang GUTOM!

with babasahin!

spaghetti song! c/o tita enol

ang dami kong tawa while making this! hehe = )

thanks RN HEALS for your service!
GOOD LUCK to your next JOB!
don't forget us!
we'll never forget you!

may make-up duty pa kayo! hehe = )

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