Monday, December 26, 2011

CHRISTMAS with fluffy dogs on a sunday (dec 25, 2011)

dec 25, 2011... sunday...

 lavander sleeves (ralph lauren), brown pants (paddocks), red and white striped belt (refill). white shoes (fila)

with my brand new bachelor's pad sofa!

merry xmas turby!

brekky c/o lola's house

my mum's extra gold patent philip stein strap arrived!

her two-tone Philip Stein watch!
my gift to her... 

 my favorite spaghetti with lumpiang shanghai!

meet my cousin jeyden's dogs...
here's rocky! 

and here's crystal!


its so fluffy! i'm gonna die!

oh so cute!

tuta with highlights! hehe = )

off to mindoro...
dec 26 is not a holiday! BOO! 

very turbulent seas...
 MERRY CHISTMAS to everyone!


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