Monday, November 14, 2011

medical mission for senior citizens (ONLY!) at barangay sampaguita on a monday (nov 14, 2011)

nov 14, 2011... monday...
medical mission for senior citizens (ONLY!)
at barangay sampaguita, naujan, oriental mindoro, philippines

 light blue green sleeves (royal blue), black pants (zara), black and white sneaks (signor), beige canvass belt (sm), neon green and red watch (ICE)

payday came early this month... nov 11, last friday...
to give way for the upcoming bonus... yey!

day started raining!

at barangay SAMPAGUITA!

welcome drink!

mayor angie dropped by!


welcome message from konsehal ASI


3 ubod dishes!
1. lumpiang hubad

2. ginisang ubod

3. atsarang ubod

pack up time!

osteoarthritis, hypertension, diabetes, muscle strain...
your welcome LOLOs and LOLAs...



  1. how did you know that lee?

    do you know how it tastes or even what it meant? hehe = )



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