Wednesday, September 21, 2011

day of accomplishments on a wednesday (sept 21, 2011)

sept 21, 2011... wednesday...

 light blue checkered sleeves (f&h), blue jeans (penshoppe), blue & white striped belt (s3), blue & yellow checkered slip-ons (vans), light blue square watch (nixon)

accomplishment 1: dra alberto paid us a visit regarding Balay Mangyan
accomplishment 2: renovation of the dental area started...

went to Calapan to:
accomplishment 3: deposit money
accomplishment 4: adjust strap of watch

 beef tapa!

accomplishment 5: got anti-TB drugs at the PHO
accomplishment 6: got the list of BEmONC equipment 

9 month old baby for vaccination...

and finally accomplishment 7: caught up with my blog lag...


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