Tuesday, April 24, 2012

skeletal framework on a tuesday (april 24, 2012)

april 24, 2012... tuesday...
BALAI MANGYAN on the rise!
RN HEALS in Barcenaga: shout out to marjohn, jabeth, tin, karla, and midwife cecille... and zaldy sa west ka! come to the winning team! yey! = )
Aling Tacing (BHW pres) gave us pansit for snack!
message for OR MDO PIR came!

skeletal framework...
 blue denim feel sleeves (armani jeans), moss green pants (paddock's), yellow nylon belt (sm), gray and orange hi-cuts (nike dunk), black lava watch (korean)

weird weather! sunny on same part, rainy on the other...

special tuli mission

our visiting/resident cat

from aling tacing

fish and chips!
more fun in the philippines style!
shout out to my aussie relatives!

off to manila tomorrow for regional cooking contest at national nutrition council!


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