Thursday, March 1, 2012

BNS evaluation at SAN JOSE 1, PANIKIAN and EVANGELISTA on a leap day wednesday (feb 29, 2012)

feb 29, 2012... wednesday...

leap for LEAP YEAR...
white sleeves with blue stripes (G2000), brown pants (paddock's), black leather belt (bench), red hi-cuts (nike brazen 6.0), black LED watch (kenneth cole)

first stop:

 with BNS
christy mitra

am snack

halo halo
almost summer already! 

dropped by at the municipal hall
for barcenaga health center lot sortment... 


with BNS
luzviminda como 

but first... LUNCH!

what's wrong with this pic?

what's wrong with this pic?

2 birds in 1 stone:
annual PE of the sangguniang barangay, BHWs, and tanod! 

headed by kapitana abella

barangay guluyan and nursery

last stop for 2011 evaluation:

with BNS
cherry rose cruel 

ang mga malnourished daw, hehe = )

hmmmm... who's the winner?
the TOP BNS for NAUJAN for 2011 is...
SECRET for now!
 hehe = )
TOMORROW: CHT training for brgy barcenaga, malaya, pinyahan, apitong, sta maria, sampaguita at BARCENAGA...
 and nurse emma's bday!


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