Monday, January 30, 2012

tita locring's "DEL PILAR" blow-out plus EMERALD ISLE ocular inspection on a monday (jan 30, 2012)

jan 30, 2012... monday...

what doesn't kill you makes you stronger...
barong ang brown pants (municipal uniform), camel lace-ups (milanos), black zip up jacket (vintage), brown leather briefcase (angelo dominico), lenses (christian dior), gold chrono watch (guess)

almost done!

banana chips from a patient...

blow-out spaghetti from tita locring... promoted to midwife II, bday, and most importantly according to her: she got barangay DEL PILAR as assigned area...

chief of spaghetti!

thanks tita locring...

lagi nang kawawa si tita teddy!
mag-aral na kaseng kumain ng spaghetti! 

a visit to EMERALD resort at ESTRELLA
our venue for MR-SIC outing on friday (feb 3, 2012) 

250 php cottage

beach side!

700 php cottage

500 php cottage

we talked to the owner: madam mortel at their house for price quote...

on friday overnight!


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